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We are a port of travelers and merchants from many lands consisting of warriors and artisans set in the 9th century along the south western coast of Denmark, on the North Sea. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for learning, and fun, focusing primarily on the everyday lives of Danes and visitors to the port, and escaping the burdens of real life for a time.
The Port of Krakjavik strives to encourage new members, promote historical research, and provide a community that is welcoming, inspiring, and allows for all involved to express their passion for early medieval history.

Members may participate in any way which seems fitting and right to their idea of 9th century Denmark. Artisans, musicians, cooks, brewers, and warriors, are encouraged to participate and help create an early medieval atmosphere for all those who attend events held by the citizens of Krakjavik

We are mundanely located on the beautiful gulf coast of Mississippi.

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